Magic Launch

You can trigger events such as emails, opening web pages, files and programs from within BrainStorm

All you need is a valid description or file location in a BrainStorm entry.

The right mouse menu entry Magic Launch or the shortcut key Alt+L will trigger the action.

If a valid address is selected (highlighted) then the launch will always work.

If the entry icon is selected or the edit cursor is within the entry, BrainStorm will do its best to guess your intentions.

Here are some examples of valid addresses:
c:\Documents and Settings\David\Desktop\Skype.lnk
c:\another document.txt

All the above will work if they are the sole contents of the entry and its icon is selected.

However, if an entry contains additional text, BrainStorm has to do some thinking. If the edit cursor is within the valid address, then BrainStorm will try and figure out where the address starts and ends.

Because spaces are the most common separator, if they occur within a file name, as in the last item above, BrainStorm will not be able to open it unless the cursor is on the entry icon (in the case where the entry contains just the file address) or the file location is selected (highlighted) within the entry.

One last thing which is handy if you use a thumbdrive on different machines: BrainStorm will treat a ./ (dot slash) in front of a filename as a substitute for the current executable path (ie where BrainStorm runs from). It doesn't then matter what drive letter the host machine assigns to your thumb drive. Use:

Right mouse menu
Browse menu