Aerial view

Aerial view presents a high level view of the content of your current model. It helps you find yourself or get a feeling for how the model is building up. Often you will notice gaps and omissions in your development of the model which you would not notice from the regular working view. A single click of the hot air balloon icon switches you back and forth between Aerial view and normal view or, if you prefer, Ctrl+B (for Balloon) will do the same.

If you are at the 'dot line' then you will find Aerial view places you at the previous 'real' entry. This will be the next one up the current list or, if the list is empty, the heading. The reason for this is that the dot line does not exist in reality, it is just there so you have somewhere to enter information and somewhere to jump to.

The model is shown in the form of an outline showing each entry on a single line. Namesake chevrons and Read only status are shown in the left margin. The current entry is shaded grey. The font is determined in the Preferences dialogue box.

Select a new 'current entry' by clicking on it entry or using cursor keys to scroll to it. Press 'Enter' or double click the entry to return to the normal view at that entry. Note that if you choose an entry that is part of a very long list, BrainStorm may take a short while to rebuild the display. Progress is shown on the status line.


From the normal screen, you can also use Right mouse menu or Browse menu
From the Aerial view, you can double click an entry to return to the normal screen