Entering information by hand

Here is an example based on opening a restaurant. Start by just throwing in the first thoughts that come into your head:

Just start typing. Press [Enter] to complete each entry. These appear as a list in the body of the display. Each one can be a word, a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph, multiple paragraphs (press [Shift+Enter] at the end of each paragraph), anything, in fact, up to a limit of 64,000 characters. Having said that, you wouldn't want to try editing 64,000 characters in a single entry.

You will notice that the display is split into two - heading and list. The heading will either be the overall Title of your model, or it will be an existing entry which has been 'promoted'. Each entry can be a heading of another list (we call the entries in this list 'descendants' of the heading). To promote an entry, double click its icon or press the Home key. ('Demotion', by the way, is done by double clicking the header icon, or simply by pressing the End key - no need to select the heading icon first.)

In this example, we promote the first entry to the heading:

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