Gathering information from other sources

You might decide to trawl the web for inspiration. The three paste commands give a variety of ways to copy information from your screen into BrainStorm:

Magic paste - the easiest way to gather information

You will find that capturing information from Web pages and other on-screen documents is simplicity itself. After activating Magic paste by clicking the icon, just use other programs, eg a browser, and highlight what you want then copy, usually Ctrl+C. Behind the scenes, Magic paste whips the text out of the selected area and slots it into your BrainStorm model (with or without useful separators between pastes). Your focus remains on the work at hand. You can define whether spaces and indents are to be ignored or used to structure the incoming information.

Here's an example:

Smart paste and Paste are not bad either

Smart paste is similar to Magic paste except that you have to move to the BrainStorm model prior to pasting. This has the advantage of allowing you to navigate to the exact spot before pasting the information using [Shift+Ctrl+V]. Paste on its own [Ctrl+V] normally pastes the information in the form it was originally copied to the clipboard, although Options allows it to adopt the Smart paste settings.

Please note: with any kind of pasting you have to be sensitive to any copyright constraints imposed by the author or publisher.

The above example was a simple bulleted list, so it matters little whether you used regular paste, Smart paste or Magic paste. The result would be similar. BrainStorm ignores the bullets and just pastes the text:

And that's all there is to it. The individual descriptions of Smart paste and Magic paste explain the more powerful aspects of the commands.

One more thing to note, and that is that the heading icon is now a instead of a . This signifies that the entry now has descendants.

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