Moving around your model

[PgUp], [PgDn], [up arrow] and [down arrow] move you up and down the current list. Or you can move to your new location using the slider bar (if present) and selecting the entry with the mouse.

To move beyond the current list: use Promote and Demote to move between levels; use Find/replace and Find/replace again to search; or switch to the Aerial view using [Ctrl+B] (for Balloon) or use the Aerial view toolbar icon . It's called Aerial view because it gives you a high level overview of your BrainStorm model.

If you use the Aerial view, either double click on your new location to return to the normal view at that point or click on it to select it and then use [Ctrl+B] or the Aerial view icon to return to the normal view at that point.

This is the Aerial view of the tiny amount of work we've done. Actually, we've cheated and added more information under 'Chinese'. The model is still only four levels deep and fairly sparse. The Aerial view icon is in a 'tear off' mini toolbar - see Toolbars for other options. The highlighted entry is 'Hong Kong' and this is where we would return to in the normal view.


One last word on navigation. A powerful feature of BrainStorm is the Namesake mechanism. If you make a new entry identical to an existing one, it automatically links them and provides a local representation of all the lower level information associated with the original. This list is shared by all namesakes.

Good things about Namesakes: