Other good stuff

Do investigate other areas of BrainStorm especially its ability to Merge files intelligently and make sense of text files, including indented outlines.

You can save your model to a file or the clipboard, ready for use by other programs using the Write text file command.

You can also publish your model in a form which can be viewed using any modern Web browser. Use the Publish HTML option to squirt your entire BrainStorm model out as a single 'three dimensional' Web page. Fantastic for just emailing your thoughts to friends and colleagues or for rapid publication to your website. The published model contains its own small JavaScript program which we call the 'mind-reader', because it helps others read your thoughts. If the destination browser doesn't have JavaScript switched on (most do these days) then the model will display as an outline.

You may also publish your model as plain HTML which can be read by many programs.

(If you know nothing about HTML, ignore this paragraph. But, you can include conventional HTML tags in your BrainStorm entries in order to enrich the recipient's experience. e.g. <IMG SRC="myphoto.gif"> - make sure you make the myphoto.gif file available to the recipient's browser, otherwise this won't work. Other things such as <I>Italic</I> enable you to highlight text.)

(If you know nothing about Java, ignore this paragraph. But, if you licence (separately from the BrainStorm program) the special Java Browser, you can incorporate it directly into your own Web pages and use it to directly view BrainStorm models held on the web server. The advantage of this is that you need not replace the web page itself each time the underlying model changes.)

Please note that the full HTML version of a BrainStorm model renders itself according to the capabilities of the Web browser being used. It is optimised for JavaScript-enabled browsers and works best on Internet Explorer 5 and later. Because it contains JavaScript, some browsers might try to block loading of such a file. You can safely override the block. BrainStorm models only affect your local machine to the extent that they create a temporary cookie to keep track of where you are in the BrainStorm model.

There is much, much, more to BrainStorm. Some of the commands, such as Merge, Find, Smart paste and Magic paste have further powerful options which would repay exploration.