Save the active file in BrainStorm's special structured format. See BrainStorm file format for details. If the file has not been saved before, the Title is offered as a default file name and the BrainStorm is offered as a default directory.

If you are saving (or auto-saving) a file you have worked on before then the same filename is used (of course) but an automatic backup is automatically made. (See Recovery for more details.)

Please note: if you are a long term BrainStorm user and you have loaded an old DOS (or even a CP/M) BrainStorm model, you will notice the load time is longer than new models. To speed loading next time, make at least one change (even if you then delete it) and then save the file. This will force BrainStorm to save it in the new high speed Windows file format.

Once you have saved a model in the new format, it will no longer be readable by the DOS (or CP/M) versions of BrainStorm. Best to make a backup first.


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