Step 4 - going deeper

Now you can learn about how the program can capture information from your computer screen, how you can organise and reorganise, how you don't just build a tree or outline but how entries can be cross-linked as 'namesakes', how you can merge the work of teams or publish your work as a web page or pass it to other programs - Word, PowerPoint, outliners, diagrammers etc. BrainStorm gives you masses of tools to crank up your personal (and team) productivity. Enjoy!!

Quick start is an illustrated guide to help you get going with BrainStorm

The Introduction to BrainStorm explains BrainStorm in some detail. You will find copies of this as a ten-page document in the BrainStorm program folder in both Word and Acrobat formats. Or you can view it online at

At any time when using BrainStorm, pausing the mouse pointer on a toolbar icon will show a brief descriptive 'tooltip' . Or use Contextual Help while running BrainStorm to see a full explanation - click on then on the icon you want to know more about.

Click on any of the following to drill down into minute detail about related commands and functions:

Menu items:

Other key information: