Retrieve entry

If you want to move information from one point in your model to another, you can use a variety of techniques.

Keyboard users like to Mark the source entry and then Retrieve the Marked entry (keeping its descendants) to just above the current entry. The Mark then moves to the next entry in the list so the next Retrieve moves the next entry to the current entry.

See Mark on/off for how to Mark an entry. This is the Mark .

If you prefer, you can use Cut and Paste or Drag and drop, especially when multiple windows are open on the same model. See Split window

Read only entries cannot be Retrieved.

Ctrl+R (for Retrieve)

Right mouse menu
Edit menu

(Note for DOS and CP/M BrainStorm users: This used to be Ctrl+G (for Get). Its opposite was Ctrl+P (for Put). Unfortunately, Windows standards 'stole' Ctrl+P for printing, so we had to devise an alternative pair of mnemonics. We've chosen Ctrl+T for Throw and Ctrl+R for Retrieve.)