Making new entries

When you're ready to make a new entry, just start typing. The icon colour changes to pink and the new entry appears just above the currently selected entry. Entries can be edited, moved and made the heading of another entry list. BrainStorm makes it easy for you to change your mind without penalty.

To create a new line within the current entry, press [Shift]+[Enter]. Any spaces typed immediately prior to this line break will be preserved. (Normally, trailing spaces are removed from entries.) Good for poetry and song lyrics where you want each verse in a separate entry.

Hit [Enter] at any point in an entry to complete it. If it matches another entry that already exists in the model, it makes the entry a 'namesake' of the original. This extremely useful feature is described in Edit entry, Previous Namesake and Next Namesake.

To split the entry at a particular point, press [Ctrl]+[Enter]. To join one entry to the following press [Delete] when at the end of the entry. Counterintuitively, but undeniably usefully for multiple joins, the edit point moves to the end of the freshly attached text. To join an entry to the previous one, press [Backspace] when at the beginning of the entry.

To abandon the editing of an entry and return to its previous state, press Esc.

To finish editing an entry without moving the selection to the following entry, press [Shift]+[Esc]

To colour an entry, use Alt+Enter, Entry colour in the Edit or Right Mouse menus or click on an entry when the toolbar icon is selected.

You may colour a group of entries by first selecting them, then applying colour to one of them.

You may protect an entry from alteration by making it Read only (Shift+Ctrl+R). This would be useful if you wished to create a template for repeated use in future, or by other people.