Smart paste

Smart paste copies the material in the clipboard into BrainStorm just above the currently selected entry. (It is disabled in Edit mode.) Smart paste is designed to get the most out of Pasting from other programs and the Web to BrainStorm. (Hint: some Web pages offer a printer-friendly option, choose that before selecting and copying the text.)

Smart paste offers you four choices which may be used in certain combinations:

Unwrap paragraphs into single entries: BrainStorm does its best to understand which line breaks really mean 'end of paragraph'. It will remove line breaks and insert spaces if necessary to try and preserve the original author's intent. Later entries will not be joined to entries which already have descendants. Entries indented from the previous one will not be considered part of the same paragraph.

Retain line breaks: BrainStorm will preserve line breaks within an entry and only create a new entry when it senses it is at the end of a paragraph. Beware of things like single-spaced lists: they will end up in a single entry.

Please note: the two options above are mutually exclusive.

Use indents to create descendants: BrainStorm uses the presence of indents to change levels when pasting material held in the form of an outline. It pastes the first line above the currently selected entry, going deeper into the model with each successive indent. If a line has fewer spaces in front of it than the first entry, then this entry will be placed at the same level as the first one. Please note that this action takes precedence over 'Unwrap paragraphs into single entries'.

Remove leading spaces from entries: BrainStorm does exactly that, making all entries appear at the same level.

Please note: the two options above are mutually exclusive.

If none of the boxes are checked, BrainStorm discards blank lines and puts each paragraph into a single entry.

The Revert button resets the values to the BrainStorm default Smart paste settings which you may redefine in the [JUMP Preferences] Editing options.

See also Paste and Magic paste

Shift+Ctrl+V to Smart paste
Right mouse menu
Edit menu