Namesake icons

Namesakes are marked with two arrow heads pointing outwards. If 'Namesake on/off' is selected, then these arrowheads change sides and become a cross, signifying that an entry will not be Namesaked. See Namesake on/off for a detailed explanation.

The Namesake status can be switched on and off at will, even before a Namesake has been created. This is useful if you know you are going to reuse a term and do not wish the repeats to be connected.

If a Namesake is re-enabled after it has acquired its own descendants, you are invited to merge the two sets. BrainStorm will do this intelligently, avoiding the creation of duplicate Namesakes at any level.

If you modify an existing entry which has descendants and, in doing so create a Namesake, BrainStorm will ask you if you would like to merge the descendants.