Find/replace (short description)

As the model gets bigger and more complex, you can use Find/replace (and Find/replace again) to find a particular character sequence whose location you may have forgotten. It might be a word, a phrase or partial words. Or you can use it to replace one sequence of characters with another.

Normally find looks for the specified character sequence. (If you have selected text within an entry then it will be used as the Find argument.) You can use an asterisk at the beginning, to find lines ending with the following characters. Or you can put an asterisk at the end to find entries that finish with the selected characters.

You can replace text either explicitly, entry by entry, using Find/replace again, or you can replace all entries. You can even choose only to Find entries of a certain colour, chosen either from the currently selected entry or from the currently Enforced colour.

Find operates from the currently selected entry and you can search up or down the model, taking in all the lower levels of any entry it encounters. Find gives you the option to start again from the top of the model when you reach the end, or the end when you reach the top. Replace all operates from the current position to the end/start of the model and offers to continue round as well.

See Find/replace for a full description.