Split window - If the current window is wider than 200 pixels, this splits it in two and shows a second view of the current model in the new window. Each can be navigated and viewed independently. You might want one to show Aerial view while the other shows normal working view. You can drag and drop entries between them. When you close the secondary window, the first one reverts to its original size.

Cascade - shows all the open model windows slightly offset from each other.

Tile vertical - arranges all the currently open windows side by side. Please note: the active window is made the leftmost window.

Tile horizontal - arranges all the currently open windows on top of each other.

Arrange icons - tidies up all the minimised model icons to the foot of the BrainStorm window,

Refresh - re-displays the currently active window should it ever become corrupted.

Refresh all - re-displays all the open windows should they ever become corrupted.

Open files - a list of currently open BrainStorm models.

Please note: If you resize the current window containing a long list (thousands of entries) then the resizing will be slow if you have set your Windows display to "Show window contents while dragging". Go to Control panel/ Display/ Appearance/ Effects... to change this setting. The refreshing of the display contents will be deferred until you release the mouse button.

Alt+C (for Cascade)
Shift+Ctrl+F4 Split window
Ctrl+F4 Close split window
Alt+H (for Tile horizontal)
Alt+V (for Tile vertical)
Window menu