Print outputs BrainStorm data as an outline of the model. By default, it prints the entire model, but it will also print selected entries, either those containing specified text, the currently selected entries or, indeed, a combination of both.

You can specify the indent per level by entering a number or a series of numbers - 1,2,4 - it will indent the first level with one space, the next level two spaces, and all subsequent levels with 4 spaces. Normally you will set it to 3 or 4 or maybe set the tab indent instead. If no indent is provided, BrainStorm assumes zero indents per level.

'Number of levels' refers to the maximum number of levels you wish to see printed. '1' would print just the currently selection and none of its descendants. If no selection had been made, then only the Title entry would print.

See 'Output options' for more information.

Set the printer font in the Preferences dialogue box. BrainStorm's 'instinct' is to use the model colours when printing. Select 'Print black on white' in 'Printer settings' if you are using a monochrome printer and are making use of dark backgrounds in your BrainStorm model.

The date at the top of the printout is taken from the short date according to your regional settings (set up in Windows' Control Panel).

Crtl+P (for Print)

File menu
Use Print setup in the File menu to configure the printer
Use Print preview in the File menu to preview the report