Demote moves the heading entry to the body, where it can be seen in the context of other entries in the list and of its own heading. Select the dot line to add to the end of the list or select an entry to add immediately above it. New entries can be added by typing or pasting.

Demote and its counterpart Promote give a rapid way of navigating and working on your model without getting bogged down in the structural detail. It means you can remain focused on the current topic. You can use Split window to create working views on other parts of the model, or Aerial view to get an overview of the progress of your work.

Note that if you are moving to a very long list, BrainStorm may take a short while to rebuild the display. Progress is shown on the status line.

One other thing. Any blank entries at the end of the list you were in prior to the demote will automatically be removed on demote. The last entry in any list will always be the dot, a real entry or a marked entry (whether it has contents or not.)

Double click on the heading (or click once if the heading is already selected)
End key
Right mouse menu
Browse menu