Java Browser

If you are a licenced user and you would like to embed a Java-based BrainStorm model viewer inside your website then please drop a line to This offers a graphically attractive, high speed way of sharing your BrainStorm models with those who do not yet own a copy of BrainStorm itself.

The browser can be embedded within your own web pages (as opposed to the HTML BrainStorm mind-reader which, together with its associated model, is an entire Web page.)

The Java Browser is a bandwidth-friendly way of sharing your BrainStorm models. It is also a fantastically easy way to keep people up to date. All changes made to the underlying model are reflected instantly to your web page visitors.

Here is an illustration of the Java Browser as it might be embedded into your own web page:

Pricing is based on mutual benefit. If you earn nothing from it, we'd charge you nothing. If you make a fortune from it, we'll charge you a little more. :-)