Output options

Similar dialogue boxes appear when you want to Print or Write part or all of your model.

Both can indent successive levels of the model. Write has the additional option of replacing indents with Tabs - this is useful if you are outputting to an outliner which will accept tabs as a level indicator. Write also allows you to write directly to the clipboard, making it easy to move information from BrainStorm into another program.

Indentation refers to the indentation of each level from the next higher level when outputting a BrainStorm model in the form of an outline. If this is left blank, zero indents are assumed. You may specify different offsets for each level of the model. For example, '1,2,4,3' would offset level 1 by 1, level 2 by 2, level 3 by 4, level 4 by 3 and all subsequent levels will be offset by the last number in the list, ie 3. If you wanted to remove all indentation, use 0.

'Number of levels' allows you to restrict the number of levels that you wish to output. For example, you may choose to output just an overview of your model by choosing 'two levels of detail.' This would output the selected entry (or entries) and the next level only.

BrainStorm assumes you wish to output the entire model, operating as if the overall model Title has been selected. You may restrict output to one or more items in the current list by selecting them and then clicking the 'selected entries' check box.

You may also select entries for output according to whether they contain specified text. The indentation and depth settings still apply. If printing, the font is set in the Preferences dialogue box.

The Write text dialogue box also allows you to choose whether long entries are going to be divided at a specific column position. Setting this to zero results in continuous text output of individual entries, which is usually the most acceptable solution for input to other programs. Please note that the Write operation will be abandoned, and you will be notified, should the indent level exceeds the line break column (effectively the right margin).

The date at the top of the printout is taken from the short date according to your regional settings (set up in Windows' Control Panel).