Display toolbar icons. These are mouse clickable shortcuts to several of BrainStorm's frequently used commands.

They can be individually 'torn off' and placed anywhere in the BrainStorm window. If you do this, make sure Auto-align is switched off. (See Auto-align below.)


Create new model - see New

Open existing file - see Open

Merge text or BrainStorm file into existing model - see Merge file

Save model - see Save

Write model as text outline - see Write text file

Save file as HTML - see Publish HTML

Print - see Print


Cut to clipboard - see Cut

Copy to clipboard - see Copy

Paste from clipboard - see Paste

Magic paste - see Magic paste

Undo last action (can be repeated) - see Undo

Redo last Undo (can be repeated) - see Redo


Enforce colour scheme until disabled again - see Enforce colour

Entry colour scheme - see Entry colour

Insert separator - see Insert separator

Insert date/time -see Insert date/time

Sort list or selected block ascending - see Sort entries

Sort list or selected block descending - see Sort entries


Aerial view - see Aerial view

Jump to the model Title - see Title

Launch an external link - see LaunchLink

Find/replace text in the model - see Find/replace

Find/replace text again - see Find/replace again

Create a new window onto the existing model - see Split window


Mark current entry - see Mark on/off

Jump to the currently marked entry - see Jump to mark

Throw selected entry(ies) to above the mark - see Throw entry(ies)

Retrieve marked entry to above the selected entry - see Retrieve entry

Throw a copy of the selected entry(ies) to above the mark - see Throw copy(ies)


Namesake on/off - see Namesake on/off

Go to previous Namesake - see Previous Namesake

Go to next Namesake - see Next Namesake


Set Preferences - see Preferences

Contextual help - see Context sensitive help

Auto-align This automatically realigns your toolbars in the toolbar space at the top of the window as its size changes. Only use this if your toolbars are all at the top. Otherwise switch this off.

Reset all displays all the toolbars at the top of the BrainStorm window

Options menu to select, display and hide toolbar elements