Navigating a model

5. Navigating a model...

Navigating the hierarchy of entries in a model is accomplished by using the buttons that appear in the left margin of the each entry, including the button that appears beside the heading entry.

You will notice that there are several different buttons which can appear next to an entry. Here is an explanation of what they mean:

To make them stand out, the entries with descendants are more brightly coloured. And, when editing, the active entry icon is coloured pink.

You may use the mouse or the keyboard to interact with BrainStorm. You only need a few keys to move around a BrainStorm model: the four arrow keys, Home and End, ctrl+m (for mark) and ctrl+j (for jump). You could also use Find and Find again. And that's it.

- Up and down arrows move you up and down a list.

- Left and right arrows move you between namesaked entries.

- Home and End* move an entry up to the heading and the heading down into its list - this is like going deeper into the model and further out. Or you can click on the entry button.

The model can have one entry marked and you can jump to this mark. It's a good way to switch focus back and forth between two parts of the model. The mark travels back along the direction of the jump so that another jump takes you back to where you started. Marking an entry is useful when moving entries from one part of your model to another.

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