Reorganising your entries

8. Reorganising your entries...

BrainStorm offers several ways to reorganize (move) data both within and between models. Cut & Paste and Drag & Drop are both fully supported. Shift and Drag allows you to move entries 'into' another entry - ie make them descendants. (And, in fact, you can do the opposite by Shifting and Dragging entries to the heading of the current list.) Finally, Throw & Retrieve offers a powerful way of moving entries around.

Throw & Retrieve

In order for Throw and Retrieve to work, one entry in the model needs to be marked (ctrl+m or click in the space between the chosen entry and its icon).

Throw (ctrl+t) sends the selected entry(ies) to the position above the currently marked entry.

As you move entries around, they retain their links to their descendants and their namesakes.

Retrieve (ctrl+r) brings the currently marked entry to just above the current entry.

Jump (ctrl+j), described earlier, may be used to keep track of what's going on.

Alternatively, you can open a second window on the same model and watch the moves happen before your eyes.

You may also Throw a copy (shift+ctrl+t) of the current entry(ies).

Just moving one entry is no big deal, but these commands come into their own when you are moving blocks of entries around. Just press the command key and watch those entries fly to their new destination.

Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop entries or collections of entries between open windows, but this is often a slower way of working.

Drag & Drop works on single or multiple entries. Select the entries and drag them to the entry icon below where you would like them to appear.

You may also 'Push down' and 'Push up' entries to lower/higher levels. Select a group of entries and Shift+Drag them to another entry and they will be made descendants. Or if they are dragged to the heading, they will be put just below the heading entry in the list to which it belongs.

Cut, Copy & Paste

Cut & Paste and Copy & Paste are also sometimes preferable. It really depends on volume and whether you want to resequence entries as well. Please note that Magic paste needs to be switched off for Cut and Copy to be active within BrainStorm. Otherwise it would replicate anything you cut or copied to the clipboard...

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