Create a new model.

Depending on your Options settings, you will be invited (or not) to change the Title of the new model. If you change it, press Enter to complete the entry.

We strongly advise you to save your model with a name of your choosing. As a precaution, BrainStorm saves your work in a temporary file called BrainStormN.$$$ where N is a number used to differentiate multiple temporary files.

Use Save as Shift+Ctrl+A and choose your own name for the model. (Make sure you're happy with the chosen directory - it will be either the last one you used or BrainStorm's own directory.) By default, the start of the model Title is offered as a file name and the BrainStorm directory is offered as a save location.

Make sure that you set Autosave in the Preferences dialogue. Your file will be saved at whatever interval you have chosen. We strongly recommend setting it to the minimum of one minute. It is amazing how much work you can lose when in full flood.

Shift+Ctrl+N (for New file)

File menu