Cut, Copy & Paste brief

Cut removes entries or selected text and puts them into the clipboard. Copy copies information to the clipboard. Paste pastes the contents of the clipboard into the currently active program. This can be done between programs. Within BrainStorm models the structure is preserved. To external programs the entries are pasted in sequence but without indents. (Reasons: we don't know whether the destination program will be able to interpret indents and, if it doesn't then removing them would be a real pain for you.),

Entries can be quickly resequenced by selecting them using Ctrl/click or Shift/Click - then use Ctrl+X followed by Ctrl+V: they are pasted back in the sequence they were selected.

Please note: Cut cannot be used on the Title, on Read only entries or on an entry while it is in the heading area.

For more advanced Paste options see Smart paste and Magic paste.

Ctrl+X to cut
Ctrl+C to copy
Ctrl+V to paste

Cut, Copy & Paste icons
Right mouse menu
Edit menu
See Cut, Copy or Paste for further details.