Edit entry

Allows you to edit the existing entry using normal Windows text editing controls and a number of BrainStorm specific controls. See Entry editing for the full list of commands available. Read only entries cannot be edited.

You cannot remove all the text of an entry with descendants, at least one character must remain.

If you happen to alter an entry so that it becomes a Namesake of an existing entry, it will automatically be Namesaked. If both entries have descendants, you will be asked if you want them merged. If you choose not to, then the new entry will be 'non-Namesaked'. See notes below for further information on Namesakes.

To begin editing an existing entry, press Tab, F2 or click in the entry itself. The entry icon colour will change to pink.

To create a new line within the current entry, press Shift+Enter. Any spaces typed immediately prior to this line break will be preserved. (Normally, trailing spaces are removed from entries.)

To finish editing an entry press Enter. This also moves the selection down the list to the next entry.

To finish editing an entry without moving the selection down, press Shift+Esc

To abandon the edit and restore the entry to its original state without moving the selection down, press Esc

(Ctrl+Z undoes the last edit)

To colour an entry, either use Entry colour or Enforce colour. Bear in mind that Windows uses white on blue for highlighting selected text. If you choose the same colours, then highlighting will not contrast. Make sure that the Enforce toolbar icon is not depressed before choosing the new colour. If it is, you might be astonished when the entry colour changes to that currently being Enforced.

To join an entry to the one after, go to the end of the current entry and press Delete. This will append a space followed by the following entry and, usefully but not intuitively, move the edit point to the end of the added text. This gives a rapid way to join several consecutive entries.

To join an entry to the one before, go to the beginning of the current entry and press Backspace.

Please note: you cannot connect an entry with descendants to another entry using either of the above commands. You can, however, go into the entry which has descendants and make the join from there, providing the entry being attached has no descendants.

(If you want to merge two entries, each containing descendants, it is best to edit one so it becomes the namesake of the other. Then you will be invited to merge the two sets of descendants.)

To split the current entry into two separate entries, press Ctrl+Enter

See Keyboard and mouse shortcuts for further special editing key combinations.

Notes regarding Namesakes:

If you edit a namesake, the change is applied to all other namesakes. If you want to 'de-namesake' the current entry by editing it, non-namesake it first by clicking on the namesake icon or by pressing Ctrl+n. Then, when you have pressed Enter to complete the entry, click on the non-namesake icon, it will disappear. Unless, of course, the edited entry now matches another entry in the model.

A further word on Namesakes: If you know you have an entry already that you want to replicate (ie make a namesake of it) type enough of it to be unique and then finish with an asterisk. A namesake will appear. In fact you can use an asterisk at the end of a string of text, at the beginning or on each side.

For example, each of the following lines will namesake with an entry which reads: This is an example of a namesake


This is an ex*

*an example*

If you backspace at the beginning or delete at the end of a Namesake then the resulting merged entry is the Namesake. All other occurrences of the original Namesake will have been renamed to match the new entry.

If you delete at the end or backspace at the beginning of a regular entry (ie one that has not been Namesaked) then the resulting entry will not be Namesaked either, even if the entry being attached is itself a Namesake. If the entry being attached was a Namesake, then the chain of Namesakes to which it belonged will be diminished by one.

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