Sort entries

Sort a block of selected entries or the entire current level into alphanumeric sequence. "Up" means 0-9, a-z. "Down" means z-a, 9-0.

This is the only command which can reposition Read only entries. Use with caution if the chosen entries contain one or more Read only entries.

NB Palm users: Palm acknowledges that version 4.1 of its Desktop software 'steals' the Shift+Ctrl+D (and, incidentally, the Shift+Ctrl+T) key combination for no discernible reason. If you are a Palm Desktop user, you will be better off using the toolbar icons or the menus to achieve the same results. Or unload Palm Desktop if you plan to do much sorting in descending sequence using the hotkey combination.

Ctrl+Shift+U (for Up)
Ctrl+Shift+D (for Down)

The Sort icons
Right mouse menu
Edit menu