Paste copies the material in the clipboard (see Cut and Copy) into BrainStorm just above the currently selected entry or at the edit point. Paste works between programs. Within BrainStorm models the structure is preserved. To external programs the entries are pasted in sequence but without indents. (Reasons: we don't know whether the destination program will be able to interpret indents and, if it doesn't then removing them would be a real pain for you.)

Paste can be used to copy information from other programs and from the Web. (Hint: some Web pages offer a printer-friendly option, choose that before selecting and copying the text.) You may opt to use the Smart paste formatting options via a switch in the Preferences Editing options.

For more powerful paste operations see Smart paste and Magic paste

Ctrl+V to paste (don't blame us, it's an industry standard key combination)

Right mouse menu
Edit menu