Next Namesake

Namesakes are identical entries which share the same set of descendants. They are automatically linked as soon as they are entered. Next namesake takes you to the one entered after the current entry.

Why should Namesakes be useful?

- You can navigate between multiple occurrences of the same information in different contexts using the Previous and Next Namesake functions.

- You can immediately see information that you already have stored on a subject when a namesake is created. Suppose you had collected some information about an individual called Marck Pearlstone, as soon as you enter his name again, all you know about him is at your fingertips.

- If you and your colleagues are all contributing to a BrainStorm model, you could highlight your individual contributions with, say, your initials and a date. All contributions by you on a given date will be namesaked, so it's easy for your colleagues to flick from one occurrence to another.

- Of course, you may just want to keep track of your own evolving model by dating entries. The same goes for pasting material from other sources, especially if you use Magic paste because it can automatically paste a dated separator, before each pasted entry.

Note that if the next Namesake is part of a very long list, BrainStorm may take a short while to rebuild the display. Progress is shown on the status line.

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