Throw copy(ies)

If you want to copy information from one point in your model to another, you can use a variety of techniques.

Keyboard users like to Mark the destination entry and then Throw a copy of the current selection to the Marked entry.

Throw a copy copies the selected entry(ies) and its(their) descendants to just above the entry marked .

If you prefer, you can use Copy and Paste or Ctrl+Drag and drop, especially when multiple windows are open on the same model. See Split window

NB Palm users: Palm acknowledges that version 4.1 of its Palm Desktop program 'steals' the Shift+Ctrl+T (and, incidentally, the Shift+Ctrl+D) key combination for no discernible reason. If you are a Palm Desktop user, we're afraid that you will have to use Copy and Paste or Drag 'n' Drop to achieve the same results. Or unload Palm Desktop if you plan to do much Throwing of copies.


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