BrainStorm files

These are the files that you will find in the BrainStorm directory. Apart from the .dll files which may be there or you may have chosen to put then into a common directory such as Windows/System.
brain.exe = BrainStorm itself
brain.chm = BrainStorm Help
*.dll = Two BrainStorm program extensions: MSVCRT and OLEDLG
uninstal.exe = Uninstall program - removes BrainStorm from your computer
brain.ini = Preferences & status - usually in Windows directory*
bsjava.dat = A vital part of the web publishing element of BrainStorm
ReadMe.txt = Release notes on your version of BrainStorm
Licence.txt = Your BrainStorm licence agreement
Introduction to BrainStorm.doc = A short guide to BrainStorm in Word format
Introduction to BrainStorm.pdf = A short guide to BrainStorm in Acrobat format - A Word template (including a VBA macro called Outline) which converts a plain tabbed outline into a stylish hierarchy which looks neat in Word's outline view as well.
PPT2TAB.ppa - A PowerPoint Add-In that exports slide contents to a tabbed file format, acceptable to BrainStorm and other programs.

* BrainStorm looks for brain.ini first in the currently logged directory, then the execution directory, then the Windows directory, just in case you wish to override the default one in Windows. For example, you may be in a network that doesn't allow writing to system folders, or you might like to run BrainStorm from your USB drive, thumb drive or whatever. Instructions about this are included in the BrainStorm installer.

Install new version

To install a new version of BrainStorm, simply close the program and run the installer (SetupBSW.exe). This will not change your preferences your working files or anything. It will just replace your existing BrainStorm program and documentation files. Please do not uninstall BrainStorm or you will lose your program settings.


Please note, to uninstall BrainStorm, first exit the program (if it's running), then go to Program files/BrainStorm/Uninstall BrainStorm. This will uninstall the program but leave your working files intact.