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Add to and enhance your work


As you build your BrainStorm information model, it will probably stimulate further thoughts. Just drop them in. You could do this in a different color, so you can see the evolution of your work.

You can paste in date and/or time details if you wish but, when preparing documentation, this might hinder rather than help. BrainStorm is geared to the free flow of ideas.

The various paste options mean that you can capture additional material from the computer screen as you find it. Magic paste, in particular is excellent for this. Just highlight what you like the look of, press ctrl+c and it is automatically copied into Brainstorm.

If you are worried about corrupting the work you have already done, why not protect existing work from alteration by making it 'read only'. This can be done very easily for part or all of your work.

If you go into Aerial view, you will see how your work is evolving.

Presentation - aerial view

This lists each entry on a single line and indents successive levels. Thus, by looking at the left hand edge of the list, you can see where in the model you have plenty of information and where it's a bit light. You can instantly shift your focus to a weaker area of your model by double clicking at the appropriate point.

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