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Download BrainStorm and/or diary generator



Free download
Download the full version of BrainStorm for Windows to try for 30 days. The Help file explains which functions are suppressed on expiry. You may export your work in the form of text outlines should you choose not to buy a licence.

Downloading and installing is quick
Click here or on the button at the foot of this page to start the download. Save the downloaded file (setupbsw.exe) to your machine. The file is small - (size) and installation takes only moments. Run setupbsw.exe and the resulting files will take up approximately 3MB of disk space. The current version number is (3.5.2)

Virus and adware free
Every now and again, anti-virus or spyware software flags perfectly clean software as being infected. Sad but true. It's just happened to BrainStorm again. First of all, the download file has been online for a while, so if it suddenly appears to have become infected, this is obviously not the case. It has to be the checking software that's introduced what's called a 'false positive'. For your reassurance, you might like to see these reports:

If you already have BrainStorm for Windows
All you have to do is run setupbsw.exe and it will upgrade your existing files without causing harm to your working models. If your version is very old you may need to ask us for a new licence code.
NB Don't forget to tell us if your email address changes. (We like to tell you when new versions are available.)

Revision history
Click here for a popup window of the revision history.

Free automatic diary generator
Click here or on the image below if you would like a free Windows program which generates diaries in a variety of formats for any year from 1753 to 2199. Outputs as a BrainStorm model or a tabbed text outline.

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