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BrainStorm Version History


Version 3.6 build 4 Release Date: 16-Jan-2008
  • Give the Find / Replace dialog box a caption
Bug Fixes
  • Ctrl+O, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+Alt+O shortcuts cross wired / not working

Version 3.6 build 3 Release Date: 6-Jan-2008
New Features
  • Add Open / verify option to force sanity checking on dubious brn files

Version 3.6 build 2 Release Date: 6-Dec-2007
Bug Fixes
  • Magic Launch was not extracting the correct URL from entries with line breaks
  • Crash found in undo of a marked dot line

Version 3.6 build 0 Release Date: 30-Nov-2007
New Features
  • File .. Project layouts ... load / save options
  • Save all view windows in saved "project" layout - including splits
  • Keep last 10 project layout files on Project layout menu
  • Add .bwl file type shell support to enable launch of BSW from projects.
  • This also allows for real-time project switching from shortcuts
  • Add "Break window and promote" on Alt+K
  • Simple OPML outline file output
  • 5 new marks (giving 6 in total) - menu and hotkey combinations of Alt,Shift,Ctrl + 0..5 to use
  • Add 'Marks' menus to right click popup
  • Add tick marks for used marks in the set mark sub menu
  • Allow mark to appear on bins - new icons
  • Enable XP theming - modern buttons and controls in dialogs
  • Switch to RichEdit. Simplify all output / edit displays. Cures 'wiggle'
  • DoubleClick to promote or demote. Secondary click now ignored.
  • Enhance drop area to include full width of entry for drag/drop
  • Add "Auto Entry" edit option to improve speech to text streaming
  • Add link to the User Forum to the help menu
  • Add "Mouse help" hints to main menu
  • Search / replace history now stored
  • Add Alt+F2 as a synonym for Shift+Esc (end edit)
  • The default document save path defaults (1st time) to Windows "Documents"
  • (pre-release) Use redistributable SHFOLDER.DLL instead of SHELL32.DLL
  • Updated help file
  • Attempt to improve case sensitivity with non-latin characters
  • Ensure that .INI files are created in sensible locations
  • Don't seek confirmation for mass-deletions - we have Undo!
  • Don't merge windows when closing split views
  • When splitting windows, split on largest dimension
  • Change "Split window" to "Break window" and give it a hotkey of Ctrl+K
  • Project load / save now works.
  • Open files as READ_ONLY to attempt to support loading models from CD
  • Text file name used as dummy model title in order to prevent corruption when building the model
  • Streamlined Write To File code
  • Do not store "Replace" and "Replace all" flags in search
  • Code efficiency changes to improve model load times
  • Search dialog box rewritten
  • Cosmetic change to hover help for Aerial view
  • HTML output footers now customisable in unlicenced mode
  • Improved "End of file" prompts in Find
  • Copy Marks submenu into Browse menu

Version 3.5 build 2 Release Date: 29-Sept-2005
Bug Fixes
  • email links not working without explicit mailto: - parsing logic fix

Version 3.5 build 1 Release Date: 16-Sept-2005
New Features
  • Major new function added: "Magic launch (Alt+L)" to launch links
  • Intercept '.' at the beginning of a link as a "file://" reference substitute '.\' with BrainStorm executable path
  • New installer option for running from removable drive
  • Implement Apply button functionality for Entry and Model colours
  • Turn entry icon Pink when in edit mode
  • Implement Ctrl+Shift+drag to drop copies into the next level down / up
  • Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn - go to top / bottom of current level
  • Ctrl+Home in edit mode - go to beginning of entry
  • Divorce main window from Help window to enable window switching
  • Convert document drive letter when using them from removable drive
  • When marking a selected dot line, new marked line is created as selected
  • Add PPT2TAB.ppa PowerPoint macro to installer
  • Version number is changed
  • Add licensee name to short menu (when no model open)
  • Change default setting for "Warnings" to "Popup"
  • Change entry icon colour scheme to a more balanced combination
  • Change Split Window lower limit from 256px to 200px
  • Change to button image for Retrieve
  • Cosmetic menu item name change - "Quick nudge"
  • Default font is now Arial instead of Verdana
  • Don't wrap incoming text if previous entry is < 50 characters long
  • Help file updated
  • Improved hover help for Write file function
  • New versions of the "Introduction to BrainStorm" documents
  • Open up help automatically on first run
  • Remove getgoing.brn from distribution, menu and internal support code
  • Tidy up buttons in "Organize" toolbar
  • Rename "Drop in/Drop out" to "Push in/Push out" in help

Version 3.0 build 28 Release Date: 14-Mar-2005
New Features
  • Add "Request support" menu item
  • Add Help button to HTML Web Publish dialog box
  • Kink checksum when a magic paste fails to enable a retry
  • Pick up currently highlighted text for "Find"
  • Not all help calls were migrated correctly - mainly dialog "Help" buttons
  • Discard first magic paste then clear checksum when turning it on
  • Remove help button from Print Setup
Bug Fixes
  • Don't select the dot line when selecting "all"
  • "Failed to launch help" error when no model loaded
  • Restore edit caret when toggling non-namesake button from edit mode
  • Cure for crash when completing 'last' entry in level by making anchor at the dot line.

Version 3.0 build 27 Release Date: 24-Jan-2005
New Features
  • Switch to HTML help
  • Add F2 as an alternate to TAB to begin edit
  • Save "Mark" into .brn file
  • Add Help .. thinkerlog menu item for a quick launch from BrainStorm
  • Add Alt+H and Alt+V as shortcut keys for tile horiz/vert functions
  • Add Alt+C as shortcut key for cascade function
  • Add Shift+Ctrl+F4 as shortcut key for Split Window (Ctrl-F4 closes)
  • Improve flagging of level overflow (16000 entries) in paste / read
  • Enhanced and expanded help file
  • Aerial view closure tidy up
  • Split window closure tidy up
  • file ID marker value change to indicate compatibility level
  • Improve file ID handling
  • Enhance attribute handling when reading entries from disk to cater for forward compatibility and further enhancement
  • Pick up mouse wheel event from edit mode
  • Pre-close print preview windows to allow immediate exit
  • Remove trailing non-marked empty entries when demoting a level
  • Aerial view - encode embedded cr/lf as spaces to remove block characters
  • Reorder status line entries to position menu help on the far right
  • Date printing format routine now taken from Magic Paste separator
  • Read only context menu shortcut key text was wrong
  • Widen "status line level" indicator for the descendent count indicator
Bug Fixes
  • Bug in Write HTML - could cause Internet Explorer to crash when displaying
  • Magic pasted text > 16000 entries fails to show the "More entries" entry
  • Don't allow "drop into" at the dot entry
  • Strip all colours - save - only the title is saved
  • When shift/dragging between windows, change destination icon to '='
  • Ctrl/Enter - remove currently selected text when breaking lines
  • Extinguish edit 'wiggling'
  • Edit fields expand properly when typing
  • Enable Cut/Copy in context menu for edit mode
  • When closing, if a new model was open in aerial view, it was not added to the currently open model set
  • Crash closing main window when in Print Preview mode in any window
  • Remove "Buy BrainStorm" from the help menu as a redundancy
  • Write text stopping at ACSII characters higher than 127
  • Preserve trailing spaces at the start / end of search arguments

Version 3.0 build 26 Release Date: 23-Sep-2004
New Features
  • Add mouse wheel support to Aerial view
  • Evaluation expiry logic changes
  • Change order of refresh when warning about parents not allowed be blank
  • Improvements to bad wrapping errors when typing in new entries
  • Amend HTML output text to explain the impact of SP2 on JavaScript
  • Replace "Quick start" with "First steps" in help menu
  • Updated help file
Bug Fixes
  • Fix temporary glitch in Retrieve
  • AltUp quick move in secondary namesake list not refocusing
  • AltUp quick move in secondary namesake list not refreshing and crashing
  • Fix crash when attempting to throw into namesake/child chain
  • Fix - check parent, not 'at' for namesake/child chain on throw
  • Don't allow "drop into" blank entry
  • Don't allow replace of parent text with blank
  • Indent setting of 0 means 0, not previous default (4)
  • Write file / clipboard - stop at level: 0=all, 1=current 2=next, etc.
  • Clean up poor line wrapping issues and keep edit wiggle at bay
  • Store Maximised state of MDI frame
  • Correct all internal "buy" URLs
  • Paste containing nesting namesakes could lose parentage at lower levels
  • Make variable-location brain.ini logic work correctly
  • Correct download URLs in published HTML

Version 3.0 build 25 Release Date: 5-Aug-2004
New Features
  • Edit entry colour now sets attributes for all currently selected entries
  • Add 'Read only' mode for handling .bak files
  • Bulk no-namesake on/off for all selected entries (using current entry as base for turning on or off for all)
  • Bulk Throw for all selected entries
  • Bulk Throw Copy for all selected entries
  • Add Read only status for selected entries with new icons and menu options
  • Add Read only flagging to Aerial view
  • Link to the Buy page added to help menu
  • Add context help links for title and entry icons
  • Add context help hook for the window splitter (header) bar
  • Click anywhere below current body to jump to dot line
  • Alt+Up, Alt+Down to move entries within a level
  • Quick move menu added to edit menu and popup menu for above functions
  • Change outline HTML output to give levels 1-6 as H1-H6 tagged levels
  • Use CSS to make the native h1 format work for cascading beyond 6 levels
  • Add option to suppress JavaScript output for HTML publish
  • Add some formatted layout to HTML output
  • Autosave should postpone saving while mid-edit
  • Don't merge blank lines when merging models
  • Rename 'Extra edits' toolbar to 'Extras'
  • Don't unselect when right clicking selection
  • Add "Select All" Edit and popup menu functions with Ctrl+A hotkey
  • Change "find next" hotkey from Ctrl+A to Shift+Ctrl+F and F3.
  • Strip off any non .brn extension when saving a model
  • Change menu and hint text to reflect the new multiple actions
  • Don't change current entry / selections when setting mark / namesakes
  • Add data entry validation to indented output edit field
  • Change the prompt buttons on "Merge namesakes" to 'Ok' and 'Cancel'
  • Set some reasonable defaults for Magic Paste separator and Smart Paste dialogs
  • Add cursor/page up/down and enter (to select) keys to aerial view
  • Help file improvements - Contents/Index and general update
  • Remove "Introduction to BrainStorm" from help menu
  • Don't refresh during block select/deselect operations
  • Default write indent is now 3
  • New help file
  • Improved licence information clipboard auto-extract logic
  • Enable File / Print menu option during print preview
  • Default search text in "Find" is taken from current text selection (if any)
  • Improved caret positioning logic for up/down and click
  • Another new help file
  • Make "Delete entries" prompt more logical
  • Improve sort case sensitivity.
  • Add warning for the above
  • Change of error message when trying to throw entry to self
  • Set 'silent running' during magic paste to avoid queries during pastes
  • Make all HTML tags lower case for XHTML compatibility
  • Clarify "can't throw entry to itself" error - make less ambiguous
  • Vary flat HTML level output by model depth making lowest level non-heading
  • Make 'leaf' levels non-list elements in flat HTML
Bug Fixes
  • Only ask for TaskBarData once when magic pasting to improve speed
  • Undo build 24 'speed up' display change that slowed Magic Pastes
  • A Magic Paste separator consisting of a single leading (or trailing) blank line ended up with two of them
  • Assign clipboard checksum sooner in Magic Paste - Acrobat loops the copy event up to 6 times before the copy is complete!
  • BAK files were not being created. They haven't been for quite some time.
  • CR/LF at the beginning of an entry caused 'model is corrupt' error on load
  • Right click on large selection caused a crash
  • Auto-registration now understands accented and these [-&,'.] characters
  • Wildcard namesake matching partially broken for *match* syntax
  • Getgoing.brn not opening in program folder
  • Tell a friend email getting wrong target email address
  • Register dialog box too short - prompt text was getting cut off
  • Update of namesake entry icons in the same view unreliable
  • chain surrounding dot line insert/delete to Set mark undo/redo events
  • Delete of Mark entry not correctly represented in the Undo buffer
  • When throwing a copy of a non-namesake entry, the copy should also be unique.
  • possible buffer overrun when naming new model
  • When throwing copies of non-namesakes with children, the children must be copied independently
  • Make any namesake entries buttons refresh correctly when updating
  • Correct PgUp/PgDn logic to go to first/last entries immediately then the window won't scroll any more
  • Write indent of 'blank' should mean zero, not 2
  • Blank write indent is now assumed to be zero
  • Correct code to save model window positions on each close instead of exit
  • Title button icon corrections including additional read-only version
  • Undo of "Merge to title" was causing a crash
  • Drag / drop of entries exposed them to "enforce colour" changes
  • Merge of indented text causing hard loop at end of data
  • Don't re-prompt for options when printing from print preview
  • Throw has been crashing on repeat operations since b7
  • Fix keyboard popup menu support (Menu / Shift+F10)
  • Fix namesake merge - broken when the prompt changed to Ok / Cancel
  • Match "Find" dialog font character set to currently selected default font
  • Improved block unselect logic to prevent accidental promotion
  • Improved block unselect logic to ensure clicked entry remains selected
  • When deleting a block, a single entry from the block could be left behind
  • Prevent a parent entry from being changed to "spaces" - ergo, blanked
  • Default non-smart paste settings were a bit too smart for their own good
  • Fix long standing bug involving moving namesake entries
  • Cures similar bug in Shift/Drag (drag into)
  • Cosmetic - reposition edit cell to compensate for margin after setting font (cures text "wiggle" on edit bug)
  • Fix bug when pasting copied elements beginning with high order characters
  • Text file open stops at first outdent when it starts indented
  • Block throw copy was throwing in reverse order
  • Remove error message when trying to throw entry copy to self
  • Don't output embedded '<SCRIPT ...>' tags in HTML - crashes FireFox 0.9
  • Don't allow in-entry clipboard functions with Magic Paste running
  • Don't allow write to clipboard functions with Magic Paste running
  • Don't let text files overwrite real models - make them $$$ files first
  • Allow Throw Copy to 'self' to work without error
  • Save 'Auto-align' toolbar switch setting

Version 3.0 build 24 Release Date: 31-Dec-2003
New Features
  • Enable tabs in formatted text write function
  • Enable 'write to clipboard' in formatted text write function
  • Make registration easier - hunt for registration codes on the clipboard
  • Titles are now immune from namesake logic
  • Allow short licences - down to 5 days - for evaluation extensions
  • When magic pasting, only flash the icon if the taskbar does not auto-hide
Bug Fixes
  • Closing split window of unsaved temp file prompted to save it prematurely
  • Read text file was not processing indents for descendents at all
  • Merging text causes a crash when ending at an indent level
  • Enhance and debug ancestor namesake protection and namesake detection logic
  • Bullet proof indent handlers for print, which could hit access violations
  • Looping round not working right when searching 'up' while at the top
  • When releasing any kind of block mark, the wrong entry ends up selected
  • Ensure that edit mode is inactive during magic paste
  • Window split - crash when clicking on heading entry in window 2

Version 3.0 build 23 Release Date: 5-Dec-2003
  • Enable save for $$$ file even when autosaved.
  • Snapshot new default document folder with every file operation
  • Nagbox - changes and improvements in layout and timing
  • When splitting windows, duplicate the current position in the new view
Bug Fixes
  • Correct font height and window width computation to lessen differences between display and edit entries
  • Correctly identify an ex-$$$ file and remove it in real time
  • Open lost $$$ files even when auto-load is turned off
  • Use BrainStorm program folder as default file path
  • Double query when canceling program exit with an unsaved temporary file
  • Remove invalid characters /\:*? in title when translating to new file name
  • Fix "save on close" errors resulting in loss of $$$ temporary files
  • Loading with no command line/previous models not starting new document
  • 'Replace all' not looping at end of document properly
  • During HTML output certain file write errors could cause a runtime library fatal crash
  • Increase namesake button column width in HTML output (for Mozilla/XP)
  • 'Get the latest version' was linking to the old web page

Version 3.0 build 22 Release Date: 15-Oct-2003
New Features
  • Add Delete word left (Ctrl+BackSpace) and right (Ctrl-Del) edit support
  • Add "Drop in" support, use Shift-Drag to drop into a node as descendants
  • Add Magic paste option to open the clipboard for continuous paste
  • Show number of descendants of current node on status line as (n)
  • Add Beep / Popup / None warning modes (was previously just a beep) in General configuration options.
  • Change text case with Ctrl+U, one word or marked block. Cycles round Upper, lower and initial case
  • Add Ctrl-Shift-T to perform Copy/Throw single key operation
  • Separated the toolbar into six separately selectable segments
  • Override the default ini file location (Windows) by looking first in the currently logged directory, then the execution directory and defaulting back to windows if the ini file is not found.
  • Sort up/down added. Will also sort selection, if sequential.
  • After closing "split" windows, merge the size
  • New models open with "Title entry (Type here and press Enter)" ready to type into
  • Add separator for Magic Paste
  • New file is now created as a temporary file 'BrainStorm1.$$$' etc to enable autosave and better default option handling
  • New configuration panel for "Edit options" - o Undo levels o Start new model with "Edit Title" mode switch o Use Smart paste options for normal paste switch o Access to Smart / Magic paste and Separator default settings.
  • "Drop Out" - drop to title to move entries up a level
  • Insert Separator menu, context menu and toolbar option [Ctrl+L]
  • Insert date stamp menu, context menu and toolbar option [Shift+Ctrl+L]
  • Add 'Revert' button to Smart paste format dialog to regain defaults
  • "Save file" uses most recent path (or current), not the temp file path
  • Save file now suggests up to the first 100 characters of the model title as a name when saving for the first time
  • New entry icon for blank entries - shows non-promotable status of entry
  • When starting up BSW, search for $$$ remnants in TEMP and open them

Version 3.0 build 21 Release Date: 21-Jan-2003
New Features
  • implemented undo
  • implemented redo
  • New "cool" style flat toolbar
  • New "cool" style drop down menu with icons
  • Add "HTML publishing preferences" to options menu
  • Edit - Strip all colours - removes colour from all entries in the model
  • Support undo for file merge
  • Improved undo buffer overflow handling
  • Made Apply button functional in preferences dialog
  • Switch the order of asking when web-publishing, naming file last
  • "Default" button in HTML options now called "Revert" and cycles Model/User/BSW defaults
  • Changed menu key hints to Borland style Shift+Ctrl from MS style Ctrl+Shift
  • The web published models are now called "Mind reader" models
  • "Paste formatted" is now called "Smart paste"
Bug Fixes
  • Write file was not indenting "broken" lines
  • Fixed very old logic error that could cause crashes with dot lines in split windows
  • Fix to ancient bug allowing creation of infinite loop during merge
  • Make aerial view more aware of loss of key entries when used as a clone window
  • Fix to an ancient glitch involving reparenting of children of deleted namesakes
  • Change drag to only move the top level nodes within a model to avoid replication of blank and non-namesake data fixes on 21-Jan
  • Merged models should merge descendants as children of Primary namesakes

Version 3.0 build 20 Release Date: 19-Nov-2002
New Features
  • Add "Get the latest version" help menu option linked to the download site

Version 3.0 build 19 Release Date: 15-Nov-2002
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected bug in HTML output for entries containing \ characters

Version 3.0 build 18 Release Date: 9-Nov-2002
  • Support IE 4 better in output HTML by hiding DOM tables in JavaScript

Version 3.0 build 17 Release Date: 9-Oct-2002
New Features
  • Mouse wheel support for scrolling
  • Removed pop-up "find" window from published models
  • Added "Accesskey" (Alt-?) attributes to published buttons: oto, <T>itle, <F>ind, Find <P>revious, Find <N>ext, >mbers, <H>elp, <A>bout. Shortcuts shown in MouseOver status text.
  • Use the current document's path for the browse root when opening a model
  • The "Link" text can now be blank on exported HTML, allowing the link to be completely suppressed
  • Cosmetic tweaks to HTML output options dialog to clarify new options
  • Improved paste/text import wrap test for continuation lines
  • New program icon derived from artwork.
  • Changed default HTML output extension from .htm to .html
  • Changed nag text and removed timed nags in favour of event nags
  • Improved handling of invalid licence code entry to restore original
  • Improved HTML formatting for Opera.
  • Full DOM support for Mozilla.
  • Improved online help for published models to reflect shortcuts.
  • Updates to the main help file to cover recent enhancements.
Bug Fixes
  • Non-IE browsers showed a ghost non-active version of the exported HTML on display
  • Fixed potential 100% CPU usage when switching between zoomed models
  • Print function not working when printing from any but page one.
  • Correction of syntax errors in generated HTML code.
  • Fix "Goto" button in non-DOM HTML
  • Fixed a bug in browser detection misfiring for IE4.
  • Fixed bugs in using custom hrefs in published model link text.

Version 3.0 build 16 Release Date: 6-Mar-2002
  • Close "Nag" screen when visiting the "Buy Now" web site
  • Strip trailing spaces from the Name field in registration screen
Bug Fixes
  • Link to Buynow.html was wrong
  • Personalised "Nag" screens (for expiring short licences) too frequent

Version 3.0 build 15 Release Date: 18-Feb-2002
  • Added a <DOCTYPE> tag to generated HTML
  • Improved "end of evaluation" narrative

Version 3.0 build 14 Release Date: 13-Jan-2002
New Features
  • Use <Shift-Return> to break lines within an entry
  • Represent line breaks as <BR> in exported HTML
  • New "Paste formatted.." functionality with options
  • User definable navigation button tops for published HTML
  • User definable BSW web link text for published HTML
  • Add "GoTo" button to jump to an entry in published HTML
  • Add extra support for <A href="#10E"> style hyperlinks to jump to specific entries in published HTML
  • Added "Help" options to "Tell a friend" and "Tell us what you think"
  • Install set now includes extra documentation
  • <Shift-Esc> keystroke to complete editing and leave the entry selected
  • Changed release number basis to reflect BSW's status as the 3rd version over many years of the program's existence
  • Changed version number display to exclude unused digit
  • Removed superfluous "That was the last reference" when killing a Find
  • Preserve padding spaces in generated HTML
  • New modal "nag" screen text with more reasons to register
  • Added timer based "nag" to help encourage registration
  • "Soiled" write and print functions for expired licences
  • Store HTML output file name / per model
  • Store Formatted Paste options / per model
  • Strip trailing spaces for paste / import
  • Restore zoomed windows when creating a new model
  • Unlicensed copies have a "Buy NOW!" button in the "About" box
Bug Fixes
  • Crash when using the find facility for a specific colour
  • Failure to find from enforced colour
  • Improved handling of &aaa; syntax character codes broken by new HTML output. Semi-intelligence encodes &'s only when not followed by aaa; or aaaa;
  • Fixed crash when using "Find" when text is highlighted in the model
  • Find (up) was failing to find short strings in short entries
  • "Print in Black and White" was documented but not implemented
  • "Line break column" option in "Write file" was being ignored
  • Trap indent / right margin crossover on Write file
  • Find (up) starting over from wrong place
  • Model should now display when shell opening with BSW window hidden
  • Autosave only working on current model, not all open models
  • Layout data only save for current model, not all open models
  • Clone windows' dot entry could get messed up causing problems
  • Refresh crashing after throw/retrieve with multiple model views open
  • "Replace" and "Replace all" flags now turned off on model load
  • Ctrl-mark/unmark procedure shows on/off/selected states correctly
  • Shift-mark went "haywire" when the dot line came into range
  • Throw/Retrieve within a level messed up dot line handling
  • Dropping a dragged entry in the wrong place caused a crash
  • Beta fix to registration from Nagbox not sticking.

Version 1.0 build 13 Release Date: 08-Oct-2001
New Features
  • "Tell a friend" button added to the "About" box. Press the button to generate an email about BrainStorm.
  • All new JavaScript in Web Publisher to prevent reload of the whole page when changing level. For IE only.
Bug Fixes
  • Cursor jumping to dot line when dragging an entry to the top of a list
  • When pasting copied BrainStorm cells high order characters were replaced with spaces.

Version 1.0 build 12 Release Date: 19-Jul-2001
  • Added "About" and "Register" options to the main "Help" menu
  • When loading a corrupt file, only the first error is reported.
Bug Fixes
  • "Copy registration data" buttons in "About" and "Register" didn't actually work properly.
  • Decreased the "recent files" to 10 to cover the Microsoft MFC bug which drops the leading '1' from the file numbers > 9.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed a circular namesake reference to be created when changing the text of the parent entry.

Version 1.0 build 11 Release Date: 16-Jun-2001
New Features
  • Added the "getgoing.brn" model to auto-open on first install

Version 1.0 build 10 Release Date: 8-Jun-2001
New Features
  • Added "Tile vertical" to the Window menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Joining entries with the Del key caused the edit caret/cursor to position to the beginning instead of the end of the line.
  • Lock up when deleting all text in an entry with descendents then clicking on the promote icon.
  • Lock up when deleting a namesaked entry with descendents when the anchor mark is present anywhere in the model other than amongst the child entries.
  • Changed "z22 this entry" to "promote this entry" in JavaScript for HTML published models

Version 1.0 build 9 Release Date: 18-May-2001
New Features
  • BrainStorm now remembers the character set chosen for use with the default font. This is important for international users who don't use the Western character set.

Version 1.0 build 8 Release Date: 17-May-2001
Bug Fixes
  • BrainStorm no longer crashes when closing the program with no model present

Version 1.0 build 7 Release Date: 1-May-2001