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Brainstorming with BrainStorm


There are probably as many different uses for our brainstorming software as there are people who use it. Brainstorming can be just as useful in your private life as it is for work - in fact, anything that requires any sort of planning or creative thought could benefit from BrainStorm. Brainstorming is good for research, reports, articles, project planning, weddings, holidays - the list is endless.

There are four principal benefits that you can gain from brainstorming with BrainStorm:

Firstly, you can quickly and easily capture data from any source. Whether you're typing away on your keyboard to capture some free-flowing thoughts or gathering material from the Internet, our brainstorming software makes it easy collect all kinds of information. BrainStorm also offers a great way to capture notes taken during brainstorming sessions with others.

Secondly, BrainStorm makes it easy to organize random information in a clear and logical structure. Brainstorming is much more productive when the outcome can be displayed in a comprehensible fashion rather than as a pile of scribbled notes. BrainStorm lets you arrange your thoughts and data in a hierarchical structure with multiple levels, all automatically cross-linked to related items.

Thirdly, you can return to a brainstorming session at any point and quickly navigate through your model to see where you're at. The intuitive interface of our brainstorming software means that you can search, view and move around inside your three-dimensional model with ease.

Finally, BrainStorm makes group brainstorming possible even when you're separated by time or distance. The Merge function allows you to blend several models into one, merging the work of different individuals or brainstorming teams. You can also publish your models as HTML, enabling you to share brainstorming results with colleagues and friends.Click here to read more about the benefits of brainstorming with BrainStorm.

Our brainstorming software has had a lot of positive feedback, and many users have been kind enough to let us know exactly how they brainstorm. Academics use it to make preliminary drafts for research papers, brainstorming their way through ideas and research notes and look at them from every possible angle. Archivists and historians use BrainStorm for planning and writing, as well as for storing notes - and our brainstorming software has even proven very useful for creating extended genealogy charts! Other users of this brainstorming tool include journalists, psychologists, engineers and students - click here to read more about their brainstorming habits!

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