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Check and monitor progress


Progress monitoring comes in two forms. One is the progress of your information-gathering work. The other is the progress of the project on which you're engaged. BrainStorm helps with both.

The aerial view is probably the best way of reviewing your progress with building your freeform information database (which is what BrainStorm is). This shows your model in outline form and you can navigate up and down, and from side to side, to see how the work is progressing.

You might also assign part of your model, or a separate one, to your deadlines and deliverables. It's a simple matter to keep this updated and monitor progress in a more conventional way.

You can even send out copies of your model for others to make their own contributions. These can all be merged together to create a 'supermodel' of all your ideas and inputs. If you get colleagues to put their name against each contribution or work in a particular color, it is easy to keep on top of things.

When Marck and David were developing BrainStorm, they met up very occasionally - once or twice a year, yet the project was entirely managed using BrainStorm (there was a DOS version before the Windows version). They used to pass a single file back and forth, each updating when they had possession. Then they incorporated the Merge function, which meant that single file passing was no longer necessary.

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