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Information on tap


All the information in your BrainStorm models is instantly on tap, and in the context you last left it. Some people return to models after years and 'think their way' back in to their work.

The Find and Find again commands are probably the most obvious way of finding information that you know is in the model somewhere. An alternative would be to exploit the 'namesake' feature of the program. If you know what you are after, just type enough of the entry to be unique and bracket it with asterisks and the entry will be replicated at your fingertips.

For example, *just type enough* would find the above paragraph.

Immediately, any deeper level information about that entry is at your fingertips. All the information about the character in the play, for example, is there on tap.

A 'namesake' icon will appear to the left of your new entry to show that this is one in a chain of identical entries. Just press the left or right arrow key to go to the previous or next occurrence of the entry. You will see each in its original context.

Whether searching or namesaking or just browsing around your model, you will find that BrainStorm makes finding information a breeze.

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