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Organizing your information


You can reorder your information in the traditional way by selecting and dragging/dropping or by cutting and pasting. But, since reorganization is at the heart of BrainStorm's functionality, you won't be surprised to learn that it has some additional useful ways of moving information around.

You can open a second window on the current model and navigate around each window independently, making it easy to drag and drop entries from one part of a model to another. This is great when you have got chapter headings, for example, and you want to move all related entries to the level below their chapter headings. (Just hold 'shift' while dragging and dropping.)

An alternative would be to Throw entries directly by pressing Ctrl+t. Just whiz down your dumped thoughts and information and, every time, you see an entry that relates to the topic of interest, Throw it. This is fast. Much faster than drag and drop.

A related command throws a copy of the selected entries, so the same information is on tap at multiple locations. This barely increases the model file size because the lower level detail is stored only once

'Push down' and 'Push up' commands allow you to grab blocks of entries and either make them subsidiary to an existing entry or push them up a level by dropping them onto the heading icon.

You can even resequence material on the fly by selecting it in the desired sequence prior to a drag or a throw. It will arrive in the selected sequence. Or you can use the more conventional sort commands to arrange selected entries into ascending or descending alphabetical sequence.

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